Staff Development Resources

The SELPA provides a comprehensive program of staff development and training for member district personnel and parents throughout the SELPA.

The SELPA staff development task force is comprised of representatives from member local educational agencies (LEA). The LEAs are divided into six regions or “zones” across the county. Representatives from each zone form the staff development task force.

SELPA Vision for Staff Development:

  • Provide a comprehensive plan of staff development for educators and families based on best practices in special education.
  • Plan a yearly calendar of trainings and distribute to member LEAs.
  • Effectively disseminate information regarding staff development opportunities throughout the county.
  • Train district representatives who will return to their LEAs to train others.
  • Collaborate with other agencies to provide staff development throughout the county.

If interested in, COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS for teachers and other areas, please visit for upcoming trainings

Staff Development Resources